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Located just south of Nicaragua and north of Panama, Costa Rica's borders are sixty-five percent coastline. 

Although a relatively small area, about the size of Vermont and New Hampshire combined, it has everything one could ask for in a vacation. Beautiful white sand beaches, great waves to surf on, active volcanoes, natural hot springs and towering rain forests. 

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From gorgeous beaches, being pampered to getting your adrenaline junkie fix and everything in-between, Costa Rica has it all.

Known for it's eco-diversity with its climate, topography, flora and fauna, you will find a vast difference in climate, in short distances.

Depending on where you are vacationing, you can visit its warm beaches, rain forests and cloud forests all which are homes to hundreds of species of birds and animals that will be the highlight of your stay.

It's crystal blue lakes formed in craters around the inert volcanoes or the hot water springs surrounding the active volcanoes will awe you.

There is something for everybody who comes on vacation to Costa Rica. The wild life tours take you to see animals and reptiles that you would never get to see back home in their natural habitats.

Visitors can take a tour of a rain or cloud forest from a cable car, which gives them a unique view to see different plants and animals.

Looking for a little adventure? A series of ropes fastened to the trees in a jungle, allow the brave hearted to swing from tree to tree. Zip line 70 miles an hour through the jungle or waterfall rappel. ATV at the base of a volcano or through the mountains. 

Easy access to any of these activities can be had by simply renting a car, hiring a driver or taking the public bus.

Staying in comfort is easy to do from all-inclusives, luxury hotels, spas and resorts as well as vacation rentals, you can find something amazing no matter what your budget is.

Wondering where you fly into? Depending on where you want to go, there are two main airports you can choose from which is to fly into the San Jose airport or Liberia.

The Costa Rica Travel Magazine Guide
To Enjoying A Permanent Vacation Lifestyle

If you find yourself looking for more meaning in your life and are tired of days blending into each, maybe it's time to consider getting away from it all. Costa Rica Travel Magazine has the inside scoop on how to do it!

I mean how hard is it for you to imagine a life where you can hang out on a hammock all day to catch a beautiful sunrise or sunset, hear howler monkeys and see sloths right in your own backyard?

Or learning a new language by speaking with the locals, getting fresh, organic food that at a fraction of what it would of cost you back home?

It sounds crazy, right? Selling everything and moving to live in another country but you will find many Americans especially have discovered a way to put it all behind them to move to what the Happy Planet Index considers the happiest place in the world.

Considered the land of "Pura Vida", you can learn from locals how they enjoy life and take time to celebrate every moment. 

This country has become increasingly popular especially with Americans, European and Argentinean cultures. The Ticos are generally friendly and laid-back.

With a well-developed health care system, good public education, a stable political situation and clean drinking water, Costa Rica is a very progressive country. In fact, Costa Rica was the first country to constitutionally abolish its army, disbanding it in 1948. 

It's also an environmentally blessed country containing six percent of the world's biodiversity and has 12 different climate zones to choose from. It's home to more than 850 species of birds which is more than all of North America combined.

Owning property in Costa Rica is open to everybody - foreigners have a legal and constitutional right to own property. In fact, if you don't want to live here full time it's not a problem - there is no residency requirement.  You can rent your property whenever you like, and sell whenever you like.

Financing is very easy to obtain and there are no capital gains tax for the average property owner. Although foreigners without a work permit are not allowed to work, you can own a physical business here or create an online business that will support your new lifestyle. Those who do earn income here will enjoy the exceptionally low income tax.

So, if you've ever dreamed of early retirement and/or getting away from it all, you definitely should consider Costa Rica.

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